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30th Annual King George Home & Craft Show”
MARCH 2nd - 9AM TO 4PM

MARCH 3rd - 11AM TO 3PM

The National Association of Home Builders estimates that for every new single-family home built, three new jobs are created.

Jobs are generated in the industries where lumber, concrete, lighting fixtures, heating and cooling equipment, and other products that go into a home are produced. More jobs are created when real estate agents, lawyers and brokers provide services to home builders and home buyers. About half of the three jobs created by building an average single-family home are in the construction industry. Other jobs are spread over other sectors, with manufacturing ranking second.

The NAHB works on many fronts to strengthen housing. On the code front it works to keep unnecessary regulation from driving builders out of business. On the legislative front it encourages legislation that keeps housing affordable for citizens who form the backbone of our economy: the teachers, the policemen, the small business people. On the education front it works to keep its membership, the builders and remodelers of the state, at the forefront of the market by offering training opportunities for emerging trends, like green building, while teaching them how to survive dramatic market fluctuations. On the communication front it draws the best minds in the state together to share and pass on the wisdom and experience that has kept the building industry strong for the past 50 years.

KING GEORGE BUILDER’S ASSOCIATION is working to bring the mission and goals of the NAHB to local builders, contractors, realtors, financial groups, etc. right here in King George, VA. Members of KGBA cover all facets of the home building industry. They are local employers and local residents, determined to keep the building industry alive and well in the King George area.

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