About Us

Our Mission Statement:

The KGBA is a trade association whose members are licensed contractors, subcontractors and associated industry professionals, dedicated to participate in, or support, the building industry throughout the county and surrounding area, by promoting, advancing and protecting the building industry through advocacy, education and professional business development.

Representing the strength and diversity of the building industry, the KGBA includes builders, remodelers, developers, suppliers, plumbers, electricians, painters, drywallers, carpenters, manufacturers, architects, engineers, real estate brokers, accountants, bankers, attorneys and other industry professionals.

The Association Goals:

will serve its members through networking opportunities, dissemination of industry information, community events that showcase the building industry and educational programs.

  • will be involved in the community and act as a liaison between the members and the community
  • will represent the building industry in local government and influence the local legislative agenda when applicable
  • will recognize the responsibility to the well being of the community and the environment
  • will respond to the needs of the community by participating in projects with both financial and in kind support of the non profit service providers and public agencies
  • will collaborate with all fields related to the building industry
  • will comply with all laws, federal, state and local

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